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A commitment to sustainability


As an organisation, embedding corporate sustainability principles in our business strategy and the way we operate is an essential component in both creating long-term value and achieving our mission.

The circular economy aims to drastically reduce the amount of resources wasted at source, while also reducing the environmental impact as well as improving well-being. To the greatest extent possible, it will develop at the local level by creating value chains that cannot easily be outsourced.


First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, responsible for sustainable development, said: "Our planet and our economy cannot survive if we continue with the 'take, make, use and throw away' approach. We need to retain precious resources and fully exploit all the economic value within them. The circular economy is about reducing waste and protecting the environment, but it is also about a profound transformation of the way our entire economy works. By rethinking the way we produce, work and buy we can generate new opportunities and create new jobs. With today's package, we are delivering the comprehensive framework that will truly enable this change to happen. It sets a credible and ambitious path for better waste management in Europe with supportive actions that cover the full product cycle. This mix of smart regulation and incentives at EU level will help businesses and consumers, as well as national and local authorities, to drive this transformation."

Sustainability Is Our Business

Metin Zwart

CEO & Scientific Director

As Labconsort's CEO and Scientific Director, Metin Zwart is instrumental in promoting sustainability within the Pharma & Biotech industries. His leadership in developing innovative, eco-friendly technologies and methodologies has positioned Labconsort to guide other companies towards sustainable practices. Through comprehensive training activities, he aids enterprises in minimizing environmental impact and embracing sustainable procurement and supply chain management, reinforcing Labconsort's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Lotte Poté

Chief Communication Officer

Lotte Poté is Labconsort’s CCO. She is responsible for implementing, monitoring and evaluating the communication strategy, including advertising, promotions and public relations. She actively manages our communication channels and press relations.

Timothy Kleijn


Timothy Kleijn is Labconsort's CTO & Senior Software Developer (consultant). In addition to his work at Labconsort Timothy fulfills the role of executive director at BTTR code B.V. one of te leading web and application development companies.