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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of the instruments?

Each unit is in a technically and optically perfect state upon delivery. Validation and kalibration is done by an external partner.

Which securities do I have when buying a used unit?

All used equipment is guaranteed to be in perfect condition – visually and technically – and is checked and, if necessary, serviced by Labconsort or the producer.

Who will install the unit in my premises?

The list price does not include installation and training. If required, Labconsort will be engaged to perform installation of the device in question. Please inform us by email or phone for our installation Service.

Will the equipment be refurbished by Labconsort?

All devices will be completely inspected before delivery. Here Labconsort pays attention to observe the manufacturer’s specifications. Due to the aging process, in rare cases it can happen that the specifications can no longer be maintained to 100 %, although the device has no technical defect. This technical inspection will be executed before the delivery of each device, however it does not correspond to a general overhaul in terms of the definition.

How will the unit be sent to me?

All equipment is either transported in our own vehicles or – in the case of very sensitive devices – by a specialist haulier.

Where does a unit come from ? Where was it deployed before?

Units are mainly offered to us in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, however also from other European and non-European countries. They originate from analytical laboratories of any branch, as f.i. of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, from private research laboratories, from dealers, from auction sales and liquidations of companies and also national laboratories.

Why does someone sell a unit?

Units are offered to Labconsort for many reasons. Among others because they are replaced by new ones, because laboratories are closed, because laboratories are combined and thus a surplus of analytical units arises, because units are written off against tax, because a certain part of analytics has been abandoned. Utmost rare is the reason that a unit has not functioned correctly or not satisfactorily. This is, however, recognised by Labconsort during the check-up, thus there is no risk in this regard for the buyer.

I would like to offer my unit for sale

How much is my unit worth?

Labconsort keeps lists available showing the current market value for the respective types of manufacturers and of units with regard to how old the units are. If you want to know what the unit you have is worth, just contact us via

Which data/documents will Labconsort need from me?

For determining exactly the residual value of a unit, Labconsort requires data about the manufacturer, the model, year of construction, date of purchase and also the configuration of the unit from the bidder. The easiest way would be to send a copy of the invoice, as all these data are given on it.

How much do I have to pay for participating in tender?

The tendering of a unit at Labconsort is free of charge.

How do I offer appliances/units?

To-be-sold appliances/units are always of an interest for Labconsort. The used respectively not used appliances/units should be offered with indication of the manufacturer, the model and year of construction, at best with a copy of the original invoice. Thus the exact present market value of the unit can then be stated by Labconsort.

Must my unit be functioning?

Labconsort is able to state the exact current market value of second-hand devices in working order. If a device is faulty, details of the cost of repair (estimate) should be available, so that the correct residual value of the faulty device can be calculated.