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Who we are

Company overview

Labconsort with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium is the global independent leader in used laboratory equipment for all scientific fields, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical production. The group is also developing rapidly in sustainable training, services and reagents for molecular science.

Labconsort performs intermediation in the purchase and resale of used laboratory equipment and instruments.

We are a advocate of strong circularity, in which companies can easily access a total solution for their laboratory with high-quality used laboratory equipment and instruments.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

We ensure that more products are reused, and there is less consumption of raw materials through chain cooperation. Material that does not meet quality requirements is removed so that raw materials can be recovered from it.



Labconsort was founded in April 2020 in Louvain and expanded to three divisions in April 2021 in Brussels.

Today, Labconsort consists of three divisions:

  1. Laboratory equipment: pre-owned equipment & instruments
  2. Reagents: specialized molecular science
  3. Training & Services: where we offer sustainable laboratory training and comprehensive analytical services from sample flow optimization to sustainable sourcing and waste optimisation

Our Teams

Labconsort has highly qualified and experienced teams to help our customers achieve their goals. From finding the right product, designing and planning a new lab or giving technical advice, our team is there to help you.

"As a global supplier, we aim to overcome logistical constraints in the supply cycle and to provide comprehensive solutions for all laboratories by seeking the best solutions globally." Metin Zwart, CEO & Scientific Director of Labconsort BV

Leadership & Sales Team

Metin Zwart

CEO & Scientific Director

As Labconsort's CEO and Scientific Director, Metin Zwart is instrumental in promoting sustainability within the Pharma & Biotech industries. His leadership in developing innovative, eco-friendly technologies and methodologies has positioned Labconsort to guide other companies towards sustainable practices. Through comprehensive training activities, he aids enterprises in minimizing environmental impact and embracing sustainable procurement and supply chain management, reinforcing Labconsort's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Lotte Poté

Chief Communication Officer

Lotte Poté is Labconsort’s CCO. She is responsible for implementing, monitoring and evaluating the communication strategy, including advertising, promotions and public relations. She actively manages our communication channels and press relations.

Timothy Kleijn


Timothy Kleijn is Labconsort's CTO & Senior Software Developer (consultant). In addition to his work at Labconsort Timothy fulfills the role of executive director at BTTR code B.V. one of te leading web and application development companies.