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All used laboratory equipment that is offered on the website of Labconsort bv, hereafter referred to as ‘Labconsort’, is extensively inspected and tested for functionality before it is placed on the website. A compliant label is placed on the inspected equipment. Before the equipment leaves our warehouse, it is tested again and properly packed.

Do not remove system labels, compliant labels, maintenance labels, or guarantee markings on our laboratorysystems or instruments. Such actions may lead to:

Repair Delay or Warranty Voidance. To ensure your warranty remains valid and for timely service, do not tamper with these labels.

The applicable factory warranty applies to new goods, counting from delivery to the buyer (including any 'viewing period'). These warranty conditions are not intended to extend or modify the manufacturer's warranty. In case of new products, the maximum claim that the buyer can make against the factory applies, and the following provisions, insofar as they contain a claim by the buyer against Labconsort, do not apply.

Labconsort BV does not provide a warranty on used equipment, unless otherwise agreed. The warranty period is calculated from the delivery to the purchaser and only applies to the functioning of the purchased goods, specifically the components. The warranty period must be explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance.

Exclusions from this warranty include consumables (disposables), lamps, batteries, accumulators, liquids, filters, both internal and external vacuum pumps, and defects caused by misuse, minor visible damage, and/or signs of wear and tear.

Acid cabinets, flow cabinets, biological safety cabinets, powder extraction cabinets, and point extraction are delivered without a warranty on the filter. Labconsort BV recommends the purchaser to purchase a new filter in all cases.

Faults in the delivered goods which fall under the warranty will, solely at the discretion of Labconsort BV, either be repaired or replaced by new delivery. Labconsort BV reserves the right not to repair goods if the repair costs exceed 15% of the value of the good. In such a case, Labconsort BV will offer an alternative.

Should a malfunction occur within the warranty period in the delivered equipment, Labconsort BV will first attempt to resolve the complaint remotely. If this is not possible, the purchaser must send the goods carriage paid to Labconsort BV. The equipment must be cleaned to such an extent that there is no risk of contamination for Labconsort BV employees or third parties engaged by them, and must always be provided with a clean declaration issued by an authorized person (a sample of which is available from Labconsort BV).

Warranty repairs are principally carried out by Labconsort BV's technical service during normal working hours. Labconsort BV reserves the right to have warranty work performed outside its own company if, in the judgement of Labconsort BV, this is in the interest of the work or if performing such work within Labconsort BV is not possible or desirable.

If Labconsort BV needs to have warranty work performed outside its own company, it is entitled to charge the purchaser for any associated travel and accommodation costs, as well as any special costs of transport, packaging, and insurance, and the costs of the test equipment and materials to be used.

If it turns out that goods offered to Labconsort BV for repair or restoration do not show any defects, the purchaser is obliged to pay all costs incurred by Labconsort BV.

All warranty claims are voided if the purchaser makes changes and/or repairs to the delivered goods themselves or has them made, or if the delivered goods are not used or handled precisely according to the accompanying or applicable factory instructions or user manual or are used or handled in any other incompetent manner, or if a software adjustment has taken place in or with respect to the delivered goods that was not performed by Labconsort BV, or if the delivered goods are used or applied for other purposes than for which they are intended, or if the delivered goods are used in a way that Labconsort BV could not reasonably have expected.

Non-compliance by the purchaser with one or more of its obligations relieves Labconsort BV of its warranty obligations.

Fulfilling the warranty obligation is the only and full compensation.

Labconsort’s Extended Service Warranty

If you have found a suitable device in the Labconsort portal, it will be subject to a comprehensive technical check. Our service report and the certificate of operativeness ensure a technically perfect condition. So you will receive a fully checked device.

Our Labconsort Verified Devices come with 90 days of guarantee.

On demand, we verify the option of an extension of warranty for your device. If possible, the period of warranty is 6 months for 60 % extra charge and 1 year for 90 % extra charge on the list price. (Valid for countries within the EU).