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Thermo Scientific™ SC150/A25 Waterbath/Circulator

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE ARCTIC SC150 A25 refrigerated circulator waterbath chiller offers powerful cooling, expansive temperature ranges, and sophisticated controller technology.

  • 500W cooling capacity at 20°C 230V/115V
  • 12 liter stainless steel immersion bath
  • Temperature range of -25°C to 150°C
  • Maximum temperature: 150 °C
  • Flow Rate is 17 liters per minute
  • Voltage Requirement: 115VAC 60Hz
  • Five programmable set point temperatures
  • Real Temperature Adjustment (RTA) for calibration
  • Two levels of pump speed adjustment to increase flow or bath agitation
  • Three languages (English, German & French)
  • Change digital display resolution between 0.1 and 0.01 and between °C - °F - °K
  • Acoustic and visual alarm
  • Auto-Restart feature after loss of power
  • Early warning alert for fluid refill
  • Controller Head can be indexed 90° to the right or left for easy display view
  • Energy Saving Mode option available for applications running under a stable load
  • Automatic shut-down at detection of high temperature, low liquid or motor overload
  • Communication options: RS232, RS485, Ethernet/LAN and Analog I/O

Thermo Scientific™ SC150/A25 Waterbath/Circulator

Thermo Fisher Scientific




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