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Systec DX-150 Autoclave/Sterilizer

Manufactured by Systec: September 2021

Purchase Date: January 26, 2022

Chamber Volume: 162 liters Includes Stainless Steel Autoclave Table, Software, and Manual/Certificates.

Standard Options for the DX-150:

  1. Integrated, separate steam generator
  2. Internal heating elements inside the autoclave chamber
  3. Housing, supporting frame, and pressure vessel made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  4. Temperature and pressure range: 140°C, 4 bar absolute pressure
  5. LCD display and fully automatic microprocessor control
  6. Number of sterilization programs: up to 25* sterilization programs
  7. Code-protected access rights for parameter modification and other safety-relevant interventions
  8. Internal memory for storing up to 500 sterilization cycles
  9. Timer for program initiation Autofill: automatic supply of demineralized water for steam generation
  10. Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor
  11. Additional temperature sensor in condensate drain
  12. Temperature holding function for liquids after program completion
  13. Special program for Durham tubes Calculation of F0 value
  14. Special program for waste sterilization with pulsed heating for more efficient air removal Water-cooled steam exhaust, thermostatically controlled
  15. Programmable automatic door opening upon program completion RS-232 interface for external data transfer (network-compatible)

Additional Options:

  1. Fast cooling: with cooling water, without loss of liquid in sterilized goods for open and hermetically sealed containers, with support pressure from sterile-filtered compressed air.
  2. Vacuum system: with water-ring pump for single and pulsed fractionated pre-vacuum.
  3. Printer

Systec DX-150 Autoclave/Sterilizer





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1 months warranty

YOM: 2021

YOP: 2022

Voluwe: 162L

SN.: DX30100

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